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  • Be careful what you whisper for front

    Be Careful What You Whisper For | Alcel Marie | Novella


    “Be Careful What You Whisper For” is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and the supernatural. The story revolves around Margarette Siblayon, or Garette, who has been infatuated with Ryle, the man of her dreams, since their high school days. Garette has always harbored a deep desire to make Ryle hers, but her hopes are…

  • The Galiya Secret front

    The Galiya Secret | Alicia La Reveuse


    “He’ll be lost in the underworld forever. With nothing to see, with nothing to speak with – for eternity, he’ll disappear in the cycle of life,” Remedios added. “He’ll never hurt us again.” Mystery looms in the sleepy town of San Roque as an old resident dies of homicide in the middle of their town…

  • Red Parrot

    Red Parrot | IAMMASTERYEL | Novella


    Jenna, Kennedy, Alexa, Jadi, Dreno and Deina A group of six friends was playing Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare. They were having a great time and enjoying themselves. During the game, Deina discovered an app on her phone called Red Parrot, an application with random dares that needed to be completed. Little did they…

  • Lovers in Kyoto | Novella | Cymbeline Villamin


    In the captivating novella “Lovers in Kyoto,” Kathrina Salve embarks on a poignant journey of love, loss, and self-discovery amidst the picturesque backdrop of Kyoto. As the head of Databank at Informatics Unlimited, Kathrina seeks solace in transforming scientific information into narratives that bring positivity to people’s lives. Haunted by the departure of her beloved…

  • Modern Cinderella Front

    Modern Cinderella | Novella | Send Orbillo


    Cinderella. Tila may sumpa ang kanyang pangalan dahil kung anong ikinaswerte ng Cinderella na kapangalan niya sa Disney fantasy story nang mahanap nito ang sarili Prince charming with full force support ng Fairy Godmother nito, siya namang malas niya pagdating sa mga lalaking prospect niyang maging Prince Charming. Palagi siyang olats. Palagi siyang nasa side…