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  • The Kindred Chronicles Between Two Worlds | D.A. Chan | Fantasy | Scifi


    “CHAN HAS CREATED A FABULOUS NEW WORLD FOR SCI-FI LOVERS TO EXPLORE… BETWEEN TWO WORLDS BY D.A. CHAN IS A GRIPPING AND DESCRIPTIVE TALE.” – FOREWORD REVIEWS DEATHLESSNESS HAS CONSEQUENCES. In Chris’ case, it is his allegiance to the Dawnbringers – one of the ruling houses of the ancient city of Demos Geras, whose daughter…

  • Tides of War front

    The Kindred Chronicles: Tides of War | D.A. Chan | Fantasy


    Even Monsters Dare to Dream. In a world teetering on the edge of war, Chris clings to a singular belief: even monsters dare to dream. But his decision to inject himself with the feras gul mutagen, a desperate bid to delay war between humanity and kindredkind, shatters any hope of a future with Elline. Elline’s…

  • The Orphan maker

    The Orphan Maker | D.A. Chan | Fantasy | Supernatural Thriller


    A supernatural thriller that dives into the depths of obsession and vengeance, through the eyes of a vampire hunter whose wife and son were murdered by the psychotic vampire with whom he had an affair, complicated by the fact that he himself is in transition and being pursued by another elite hunter, sent by a…

  • Dreams | D. A. Chan | Fantasy | PinoySciFi


    All Sidrionians are supposed to be able decipher the whispers of the Wind, all but one: Althea. And with her beloved, Faugn, losing his way and unable to re-enter the Enchantment that hides the Valley of Sidrion, she must learn to trust in the love and kindness of others to help bring Faugn back before…