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  • The Kindred Chronicles Between Two Worlds | D.A. Chan | Fantasy | Scifi


    “CHAN HAS CREATED A FABULOUS NEW WORLD FOR SCI-FI LOVERS TO EXPLORE… BETWEEN TWO WORLDS BY D.A. CHAN IS A GRIPPING AND DESCRIPTIVE TALE.” – FOREWORD REVIEWS DEATHLESSNESS HAS CONSEQUENCES. In Chris’ case, it is his allegiance to the Dawnbringers – one of the ruling houses of the ancient city of Demos Geras, whose daughter…

  • Dreams | D. A. Chan | Fantasy | PinoySciFi


    All Sidrionians are supposed to be able decipher the whispers of the Wind, all but one: Althea. And with her beloved, Faugn, losing his way and unable to re-enter the Enchantment that hides the Valley of Sidrion, she must learn to trust in the love and kindness of others to help bring Faugn back before…