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  • New Beginnings Anthology

    New Beginnings Anthology | Paperback


    New Beginnings Anthology | Paperback How does it feel to have a young heart – experiencing everything for the first time when spirits are wild and free? In this collection of eleven short stories in English and Filipino, let us take you to the world of the young, where we experience falling in love despite…

  • Musings Under the Moon | Ri Madrigal | Poetry


    Musings Under the Moon | Ri Madrigal | Poetry “And if you are to love Love as the moon loves It does not steal the night It only unveils the beauty of the dark.” ~Isra Al-Thibeh

  • Epiphanies & Formalities

    Epiphanies & Formalities | Maria Soleil | E-book | PDF


    “I have done nothing but compare my gift of youth that is meant to be shared.” Epiphanies & Formalities is a rite of passage, a song of a child on her path to adulthood. In this rather confusing stage, one remains constant—the voice of raw honesty and unrelenting wisdom of a teen. Through this collection…

  • the switch blake O

    The Switch | Blake O | LGBTQ


    The Switch | Blake O | Bisexual In the mountainous province of Ratchaburi, Thailand, Alex is eagerly waiting for his sixteenth birthday cake to be delivered to his doorstep. The bell rings, and he meets Zander, his twin whom he did not know existed. Four years later, Alex is a budding actor and Zander is the…

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    Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback


    Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback Dreams can be tricky. They could be beautiful where you can choose to sleep and continue the fantasy; Or wake up and chase after them in the real world. They could be nightmares – the wicked ones that haunt you and keep you up all night, sometimes even when…