The Galiya Secret | Alicia La Reveuse


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“He’ll be lost in the underworld forever. With nothing to see, with nothing to speak with – for eternity, he’ll disappear in the cycle of life,” Remedios added. “He’ll never hurt us again.”

Mystery looms in the sleepy town of San Roque as an old resident dies of homicide in the middle of their town festivities. And in the middle of this mystery was Mrs. Galiya, San Roque’s healer and fate-seer, as her cats became the witnesses for the murder!

All Katkat wanted was to go back home to her parents and sister. But many waxing and waning of moons had passed but her parents never came back to her. Now, she spends her time with her cousins, Basil and Lio, and the start cats around Lola Ayang’s house.

But as the festivities of their fiesta were put to a halt when a murder and kidnapping took place, it is up to Katkat’s cats to protect her and her family.

Family secrets unraveled. Hexes and curses unleashed. Aside from Lola Ayang’s rituals and healing, what else lies in the sleepy town of San Roque?

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