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  • Monster Ridge

    Monster Ridge | Meri Benson | Marie Sinadjan | Fantasy


    Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Victor and Silje thought they’d already left Hotel Fen and its horrors behind. But hunting them are Victor’s godly brothers: Thor the Thunderer, Tyr the Battle-God and Hodr, the God of Winter. Convinced that Ragnarok, the end of all things, is about to begin, they either…

  • Hotel Fen

    Hotel Fen | Meri Benson | Marie Sinadjan | Fantasy


    Are you ready for a vacation of a lifetime? Victor has always had a passion for Norse history and mythology, but after hitting a dead end with his book on valkyries, not even that passion is enough to move him forward. Just when he’s ready to abandon the project, he receives an email: he’s won…

  • midnight son front

    Midnight Son | A Prophecies of Ragnarok Story | Marie Sinadjan


    Prince. Warrior. Son. Brother. Baldr has always been destined for greatness. As Odin’s heir and firstborn legitimate son, he’s been raised to succeed Odin as king of Asgard and ruler of the Nine Realms, and to lead the worlds into an era of peace and prosperity. But the brightest of lights casts the darkest of…