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  • The Storm Between Us | Vin Vosotros


    Charm forgot one thing when she broke up with Michael—to tell him the reason why she left. But now that she’s seeking closure with her ex-boyfriend, she finds out that he has moved on. It’s not his choice, though. Michael, devastated by the breakup, met a goddess who took pity on him. She removed his…

  • The Kindred Chronicles Between Two Worlds | D.A. Chan | Fantasy | Scifi


    “CHAN HAS CREATED A FABULOUS NEW WORLD FOR SCI-FI LOVERS TO EXPLORE… BETWEEN TWO WORLDS BY D.A. CHAN IS A GRIPPING AND DESCRIPTIVE TALE.” – FOREWORD REVIEWS DEATHLESSNESS HAS CONSEQUENCES. In Chris’ case, it is his allegiance to the Dawnbringers – one of the ruling houses of the ancient city of Demos Geras, whose daughter…

  • Monster Ridge

    Monster Ridge | Meri Benson | Marie Sinadjan | Fantasy


    Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Victor and Silje thought they’d already left Hotel Fen and its horrors behind. But hunting them are Victor’s godly brothers: Thor the Thunderer, Tyr the Battle-God and Hodr, the God of Winter. Convinced that Ragnarok, the end of all things, is about to begin, they either…

  • Pangangaluwa Front

    Pangangaluwa | Kristofer Ted Navarro | MitolohiyaPH | Fantasy


    Ilang buwan na ang nakakalipas, nagluluksa pa rin si Tix sa pagkamatay ng kanyang Kuya Michael at nakikita pa rin ang kaluluwa niya sa maliit na bayan ng Rekwerdo, ang kanilang probinsya kung saan sila bagong lipat. Ilang araw bago ang Araw ng mga Patay, natuklasan niya ang tungkol sa “Pangangaluluwa” na pinaniniwalaang makakapagtawid ng…

  • Arcane: Before the Storm | Min | Fantasy | Paperback

    Arcane: Before the Storm | Min | Fantasy | Paperback


    Arcane: Before the Storm | Min | Fantasy | Paperback Manila, a city ruled by both sin and lies, teeters at the brink of destruction. Something malevolent has been slowly at work in its shadows, carefully putting all the pieces into place as it waits for its moment to strike at the city’s very heart….

  • The last hourglass front

    The Last Hourglass | Niña Contreras


    “The Last Hourglass” is a heartwarming tale that captivates the extraordinary love story between Thumbelinina and her grandmother, Lola Lucia. Discover how their shared connection transcends the limitations of heaven and earth through the enduring power of love, faith, and resilience. Spread the wings of your imaginative mind and explore this literary masterpiece filled with…

  • Hatinggabi

    Hatinggabi – Mga Kuwentong Mitolohiya sa Pilipinas | Fantasy | Anthology


    Hindi lahat ng lumalabas sa hatinggabi ay dapat katakutan. Hindi rin lahat ng nilalang sa araw ay may katinuan. Pero hindi sapat na mata lamang ang panatilihing nakadilat, dahil kahit ang puso ay puwede ring makagat. Dahil sa dilim ay may liwanag, sa hiwaga ay may tatag. Ang tanging dasal ay sumibol ang pag-ibig na…

  • Takipsilim mitolohiya

    Takipsilim: Mga Kuwentong Mitolohiya sa Pilipinas (Paranormal Romance)


    Apoy, tubig, lupa, at hangin – ang mga elementong naglalaro para bumuo ng hiwaga kapag sumapit ang takipsilim. Hindi ito madalas na nakikita ng pangkaraniwan. May kanya-kanyang kasaysayan na hindi agad pinapaniwalaan. Pero mag-ingat dahil may sikreto itong mapaglinlang. Mag-ingat sa pakikipagtagu-taguan at magbaon ng sapat na tapang. Ang librong ito ay naglalaman ng koleksyon…

  • The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback

    The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback


    The Reaper of Iremia | Kenneth Villa | Fantasy | Paperback Justice for the living. Vengeance for the dead. Judgment to the sinners. Calian seeks one thing: vengeance. After an incident during his childhood almost drove him insane, he has vowed to hunt down all criminals. However, one night he fails to stop a murder,…

  • Britalya Jeng Guangsing-De Dios

    Britalya | Jeng Guansing-De Dios | MitolohiyaPH


    Isang palasyong ginto, mga makukulay na sirena’t sireno, mga itim na syokoy, malalaking halimaw-dagat, dambuhalang dikya, ang dalampasigan at mga along agresibo – ang mga ito ang madalas na laman ng mga panaginip at pangitain ni Amara. Paulit-ulit, tila totoo. Ang nakapagtataka, ang mga ito ay misteryoso ring nakatala sa aklat na isinulat ni Randolf…

  • Samantha's Keeper Front

    Samantha’s Keeper | J.A. Fabroa | Fantasy





  • Kings of King | Daniel Indic


    Kings of King | Daniel Indic Zinvul Variance is a young legionnaire who is an A-list warrior in the proud kingdom of Chamenos. In a world mastered with cherub swords, he gained the title as the scorch master. His life went through a ridiculous training as a legionnaire for the sole purpose of destroying the…

  • Pain Reaper Chris Orca

    Pain Reaper | Chris Oca | Fantasy | Paperback


    In a world where suffering reigns, an entity named Pain Reaper exists to grant humans’ wishes to forget and to move on. Her service is perfect and simple: She’ll take away all the cursed emotions her clients have and in return, they must surrender their precious memories to her. In Aurora’s long journey as the…

  • Elf of the eternal glades

    Elf of the Eternal Glades | Mariel Sigaya | Ebook


    Kailah is one of the Elven Hosts’ best scouts. Excellent and gifted in every hunt and search mission. But she has one secret: a prohibited relationship with her race’s sworn enemy. Beholden to an ancient curse, they are forbidden from ever touching each other. Until she finds a shapeshifter, who gives her a way to…

  • mist gallows front

    Mist Gallows | Meri Benson | Marie Sinadjan


    Are you ready for the battle of a lifetime? The end has begun. Ragnarok has arrived, as prophesied. The Great Winter has brought Midgard to its knees, and it’s only a matter of time before the gods and their armies clash on Vigrid one last time. Desperate to save the realms. Victor leads his friends…

  • Casper dreams front

    Casper Dreams | V.I.E. Gaspar


    Have you ever wondered where your dreams go when you wake up? 12-year-old Casper loves to sleep in class. Seated no longer than 15 minutes and you will find him fighting his eyelids from drooping especially in his most hated subject – the arts class. One day, he wakes up in an enchanted realm – Ignimbrite….

  • midnight son front

    Midnight Son | A Prophecies of Ragnarok Story | Marie Sinadjan


    Prince. Warrior. Son. Brother. Baldr has always been destined for greatness. As Odin’s heir and firstborn legitimate son, he’s been raised to succeed Odin as king of Asgard and ruler of the Nine Realms, and to lead the worlds into an era of peace and prosperity. But the brightest of lights casts the darkest of…

  • The Galiya Secret front

    The Galiya Secret | Alicia La Reveuse


    “He’ll be lost in the underworld forever. With nothing to see, with nothing to speak with – for eternity, he’ll disappear in the cycle of life,” Remedios added. “He’ll never hurt us again.” Mystery looms in the sleepy town of San Roque as an old resident dies of homicide in the middle of their town…

  • Biringan Treasure frontBiringan Treasure front

    The Biringan Treasure | Kris S. Alarde


    Bata pa lamang, nagustuhan na si Melinda ng isang prinsipe ng mga maligno na nainirahan sa Sierra Madre. Binantayan, inalagaan at binigyan ng mga mararangyang regalo at hinihintay lamang na ganap na siya ay maging dalaga. Ang kanyang ama, isang magaling na albularyo ang humadlang sa kagustuhan ng maligno at siyang naglayo sa anak sa…

  • Dark Mage cover

    Dark Mage | Stephanie Danielle Toledo | Fantasy


    Growing up, my twin brother and I slowly learned the truth about the world’s ways. At the same time— also the truth about us. Our difference from normal humans was why we had to hide in this old mansion so that we wouldn’t get hurt or taken by the bad people. I considered my powers…

  • Pure Human | Daniel Indic


    Pure Human | Daniel Indic Philemon, a pure human, will be exposed to a world that he didn’t know existed. With his pet (a Jurassic) accompanying him, he will be out for an adventure and get involved in a Perennial War of Races that are fighting to rule over the planet: The Edge Race (the…

  • Si Larry Arao at ang Mangkukulam ng Poblacion | Maria Carisa A. Cestina


    Dapat ay naghahanda si Larry para sa nalalapit na Cluster 1 Schools’ Press Conference, pero natagpuan na lang niya ang sariling kaharap ang nuno sa punso ng Sirko. Ayon dito, siya ang tagapagmana ni Cadunong at ang siyang naatasang maghanap ng nawawalang karugtong ng epiko ni Ibalong. Kasama ang kaklase niyang pinaghihinalaan ng lahat na…

  • HERA Christ Cornelio

    Hera | Chris Cornelio | Fantasy | Paperback


    Hera | Chris Cornelio | Fantasy | Paperback Si Hera ay isang prinsesa sa mundo ng mga diwata at ang tanging nakaligtas sa pag-atake ni Vidco sa kanilang mundo. Si Vidco, ang hari sa mundo ng mga espirito na siyang may hangad na kolektahin ang apat na kristal dahil nais nitong maging pinakamakapangyarihang nilalang. Kaya…

  • Tyler Harrison Chronicles | Nico Sarmiento

    Tyler Harisson Chronicles | Nico Sarmiento | Novel | Paperback


    Tyler Harrison Chronicles | Nico Sarmiento | Paperback | Fantasy | Adventure Tyler Harrison had a dream. He was given an egg and a letter snugged in a parchment envelope whilst a lady in black and purple flames float in the air. She told him something about the impending rise of the Dark Lord of…

  • Espirito at ang mga Saman | Robert Bumanglag | Fantasy

    Espirito at ang mga Saman | Robert Bumanglag | Fantasy


    Espirito at ang mga Saman | Robert Bumanglag | Fantasy Sinakop ng masasamang Espirito ang mundo ng mga tao nang hindi natin namamalayan. Namumuhay ang mga ito kasama natin. Kabalikat nila ang mga karahasan at higit pa dito ay ang mga halimaw na kanilang isinilang sa mundo – ang mga elemento ng dilim, ang mga…

  • merman of the undersea

    Merman of the Undersea (The Ealirenm Series Book 1) | Mariel Sigaya | Ebook


    Merpeople aren’t supposed to go to the surface. Maoui made sure to follow the rules and bend them as needed, but the waning magic and the crisis in the Undersea led him to ponder breaking the most sacred law to save his own kind. When the arrival of a skiff got him to meet a…

  • Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy

    Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy | Paperback


    Let There be Demons | Joshua Rodgregor E. Medina | Fantasy Genre: Fantasy As “demons” are slowly integrating into society after hiding in the shadows behind magic and glamour, a thirteen-year-old has to figure out how this change will affect life in Southbank as a high school student. On top of teenage rebellion, Christian parents,…