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To the old and future me
Let me live my life at this moment in time.
This is for you.
Rest where you are; I am in charge of this.
-Aeda (Brida)

“Let me go,” Brida pulls herself from Aeda. “I need to go to school.” This has always been the scenario – Aeda always getting in the way of Brida.

It’ll be her birth month in a few days. What she has been aiming for is to become a warrior. Last year, Brida did a lot of things during her birth month. She was able to write her first book. She was able to do an epilepsy awareness campaign with the support of her family and friends.

Almost a year has passed, she feels a little bit of pressure, plus she is distracted because Aeda keeps distracting her!

How can Brida win a battle with herself?

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