The Millennium Wizard | Enchantress Rena | Novella


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There was once a little boy named Aris, who, along with his parents, took a journey to find the mythical hidden library that only shows up every millennium. They did find it; however, they must pay the price.

When the library trembled and closed its doors to its visitors, the parents of the little boy luckily got out of the library, but unfortunately, their son didn’t manage to escape. 

This is the journey of a simple boy who lost his entire chance to enjoy his childhood to a magical library that trapped him inside. He learned how to use magic, struggling to survive. When he finally gets out, everything has already changed. He realized that time won’t stop for anyone and that includes him. 

Now, he needs to learn how to continue his life outside and learn about the world through his own experiences and the companions he will meet along the way.

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