The Discourses Between a Demon and a Priest | xxangelxx | Novella


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Lukas is a priest in a small village that is facing persecution due to his sexuality. Despite the hate and violence he faced, he remained kind, compassionate, and loving.

Benuar is an enigmatic figure with pale skin, long black hair, and scales under his violet eyes. He is a “demon” with a reserved personality and ironically empathetic nature.

When Lukas was being beaten by a group of men in the church, Benuar rescued him. From then on, their friendship started to bloom. As friends, they spend their time together discussing the complexities of the divine world and otherworldly beings.

As Lukas discovers more and more about the divines, will his faith in his revered God break down? Will his relationship with the “demon” bloom to something more, or will it break them apart?


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