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  • The Fairy’s Godfather


    Phyre grew up under scrutiny and tight security as Princess of Calvero. It got worse after her father’s assassination, and the Queen took the throne. She used to wish she could run away from it all.

    But now that she’s living in the human realm, Phyre wanted to return to Calvero.

    The Queen sent her away when the opposing noble class tried to assassinate the princess. And so, between adjusting to the unfamiliar world and the surrounding threats, the greatest challenge for the young fairy is deciphering her guardian—the godfather she just met.

  • Hush, My Heart


    How do you endure unrequited love? Your love beats in secret. You keep your pain hidden. How do you move on from it?

    How do you heal a heart no one knows broken? How do you dry tears you can’t shed? You cry in your sleep. You tell your heart to hush.

    Hush, My Heart is a collection of poems and short stories about love, heartbreak, and moving on.