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  • Trigger Garett front

    Trigger Garett | Sig C. Torr


    Garett is notorious for his short relationships. On one bizarre night, an ex-boyfriend attacks him with the intent to murder him. With the help of his best friend, Linda Landi, Garett now embarks on solving the biggest mystery of his life, navigating a near-future world where several physical and neurological advancements have become available but…

  • They Came from the Rivers front

    They Came from the Rivers | A Collection of the Best #PinoySciFi Stories | #ScienceFiction


    Time Stretch by Edelio P. De Los Santos West Paradise by Remac Ballais A Letter from the President of the Philippines by Aeron Arador A Perfect Mistake by Cam Adajar Astrophel by Faye Alfonso Filipinas 2100 by Fred Figueroa Holo Alicia by La Reveuse Lakambini by Arnaldo Ortiz Patena New Once Again by Ayrton Christian Braga Night’s…

  • Detachable | Pinoy Scifi | Various Authors


    Through the collective efforts of local indie pubs and mainstream media, Philippine science fiction, or #PinoyScifi, is slowly gaining readers and recognition here and abroad. We are grateful to introduce another set of authors and stories you might also love reading. If you’re a SciFi fan, Detachable is the book for you. Read the following stories:…

  • Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult


    Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult ISBN: 978-621-479-268-9 It’s 2122, but Crisper wishes she was born a hundred years back. The flying cars and other innovations that people expected a hundred years ago didn’t come true, and people went back to medieval times because of the massive paranoia…



    If you want to know about your future, then looking into the stories of #ScienceFiction authors may give you valuable insight into the trajectory of our current societies. And, what’s great about #PinoySciFi is that it resembles our current contexts. Our Filipino science fiction authors allow us to imagine what life would be like after…