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  • Trigger Garett front

    Trigger Garett | Sig C. Torr


    Garett is notorious for his short relationships. On one bizarre night, an ex-boyfriend attacks him with the intent to murder him. With the help of his best friend, Linda Landi, Garett now embarks on solving the biggest mystery of his life, navigating a near-future world where several physical and neurological advancements have become available but…

  • Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult


    Take Me a Hundred Years Back | Cam | PinoySciFi | Young Adult ISBN: 978-621-479-268-9 It’s 2122, but Crisper wishes she was born a hundred years back. The flying cars and other innovations that people expected a hundred years ago didn’t come true, and people went back to medieval times because of the massive paranoia…

  • Detachable | Pinoy Scifi | Various Authors


    Through the collective efforts of local indie pubs and mainstream media, Philippine science fiction, or #PinoyScifi, is slowly gaining readers and recognition here and abroad. We are grateful to introduce another set of authors and stories you might also love reading. If you’re a SciFi fan, Detachable is the book for you. Read the following stories:…



    If you want to know about your future, then looking into the stories of #ScienceFiction authors may give you valuable insight into the trajectory of our current societies. And, what’s great about #PinoySciFi is that it resembles our current contexts. Our Filipino science fiction authors allow us to imagine what life would be like after…