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    Schizopretty | Kristel Coleongco | Fiction


    A psycho-jilted ex-lover. A malevolent incubus. A recurring nightmare about losing a parent. A hauntingly evil doppelganger. Postpartum madness. The lightning-fast but slow-motion reverb of death ringing in your ears. Deep, dark, and heartbreaking musings of a woman’s intricate psychological complexities… Schizopretty is a collection of stories that lead you down the rabbit hole of…

  • cyberbully front

    The Invisible Cyber Bully: What it’s like to be watched 24/7 | Expat Scribe


    Revienne, a washed-up print journo working for an eminent shrink with VIP clients, tried to revive her career by writing a novel about her life in a member country of the “Vortex of Evil.” One day, the Labor Ministry invited her to participate in an “employment survey,” which would allow the Feds to place her…