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  • Tales from the trail front

    Tales from the Trail | C.A. Marie


    “Evelyn, hurry up!” Dave called down from above. She didn’t respond. Instead, she buried the lower part of her face deeper into her drawn-up collar. Now so close to the summit, the air was even colder, and it hurt to breathe. Why was Dave in so much hurry, she thought, glancing at her watch. Too…

  • The Back of Beyond | Himawari Mackenzie


    The back of beyond traditionally means someplace far and inaccessible, and this book originated from exactly there. Written within the span of fifteen whirlwind years, “The Back of Beyond” is a collection of poems, short stories, novellas, and photographs which illustrate humanly intimate or detached facets of the struggling, the inspired, and the unorthodox.

  • Tales frontTales full spread

    Tales | Anthology | Ancel Marie Mondia


    “Tales” is an enthralling short story collection that delves into the lives of shape-changing women, each carrying a life-changing tale. These contemporary legends explore the powerful themes of love, birth, and death, providing a fresh perspective on the human experience. Within these pages, readers will encounter romantic plots that evolve, integrate, and defy conventional expectations,…

  • The Things We're Afraid to Say by Arli Pagaduan

    The Things We’re Afraid to Say | Arli Pagaduan | Paperback


    The Things We’re Afraid to Say | Arli Pagaduan | Paperback “This is the only life I’ll have. This is the only time I’ll have met you in this lifetime, in this country, in this era, in this speck in space against a hundred and thousand galaxies. This is the universe we are in, not…