Silence the Prier | Lucius Arrow | Novella


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After being run over, Nash Magat survives and fights for his life.

His infamous godfather, Police Inspector Arturo Sakay, knows too well that it’s not an accident; with six months left before retirement, he bluntly embarks on his investigation and vows to find the perpetrators—cleaning his tarnished legacy in the Police Force.

Alonzo is not only burdened by the predicament of his son but by the ordeals of his job and the untimely paramour. He has yet to decide between the wreckage of his marriage or the luscious desires cobbled with the promising political career.

Fate plays a cruel jester—Nash awakens and in his recovery from brief memory loss looms a threat that could topple the Socio-Political stability of the Region-State. Deprived of his absolute silence, Nash’s tormentors are emboldened to drag their lives into utter chaos—pulling them deeper into a deadly game of chicanery and intrigue.

The gripping tale of vile schemes weaved into the webs of deception and betrayal from the uncanny labyrinths of a different Asian country.

A coming of age journey for a kid who stumbles into a dreadful realization, that sometimes, the truth cannot set you free.

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