Alteris Vita: A Competitive Gaming Novella | Earl Carlo Guevarra | Novella


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“Everyone knows that we have won the first edition of the Alteris Vita championship at a time when everyone was still focused on their clans. We also know that it would be hard to win a back-to-back championship, and that we may be the supervillain to their dreams.”

The audience laughed.

“Be rest assured that we will win the second time around and that we will show the world that we are indeed the best in the game! We will not be a villain to someone else’s story – we will be the main characters of our own story!”

Will the Russian national team get their second title? Will the Filipinos show their strength? What challenges will they face in their journey?

This is a test of strength, a test of wits, a test of strategies.

Only one shall be crowned a world champion – and this is their tale!

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