“One Original Milk Tea, Please (No Pearls!) | E. Agnes Puerto | Novella


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In “One Original Milk Tea, Please (No Pearls!),” Chloe Valdez’s journey through university in Manila takes an unexpected turn as she discovers an intricate tapestry hidden in her family’s past. Fascinated by history, Chloe chooses to live in an old apartment building, and her life becomes intertwined with the vibrant characters of Felici-tea, a cozy milk tea place. Nerissa Zamora, an extroverted milk tea seller, becomes her first friend in the city, and together with Jessica and Maxine, they navigate the twists of friendship, love, and hidden family ties.

As Chloe delves into the history of her apartment, she unravels a connection to a politician significant to her family. Meeting Maxine, she unknowingly steps into a complex web of relationships, discovering ties to her own lineage. The eclectic trio of Chloe, Neri, and Gianna share stories, bridging the gaps between their diverse backgrounds.

Amidst the warmth of friendships, Chloe faces a harsh Christmas with her extended family, leading her into depression. Chloe later chooses to run away from her old life and assume a new identity, Althea Contigo, and live with Maxine’s affluent family. Struggling with her true self, Chloe, now Althea, finds solace in the genuine care of Maxine and his new life.

In the storm of emotions, Felici-tea becomes a haven for Chloe reconnecting with Neri and facing the truth about her roots.

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