Mist Gallows | Meri Benson | Marie Sinadjan


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Are you ready for the battle of a lifetime?

The end has begun. Ragnarok has arrived, as prophesied. The Great Winter has brought Midgard to its knees, and it’s only a matter of time before the gods and their armies clash on Vigrid one last time.

Desperate to save the realms. Victor leads his friends on a mission to the underworld. He intends to seek out Hel, daughter of Loki and Hodri’s lover, and convince their side to stand down and make peace with Odin, therefore averting the war.

But a far greater threat than the reckoning of an ancient feud looms on the horizon. Silje learns that Yggdrasil is dying, and if the Tree of Worlds dies, the worlds die along with it…

This is the explosive finale to The Prophecies of Ragnarok trilogy, which began in the snow-capped mountains of Norway with Hotel Fen and continued around the world in Monster Ridge. Also, make sure to check out the related short stories, and keep and eye out for the prequel in 2024!

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