Samantha’s Keeper | J.A. Fabroa | Fantasy





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The Dela Torre family has dominated the business world for decades. They were a powerhouse, unrivaled and undefeated. Upon the death of the master, Benedict Dela Torre, his two sons soon followed. For reasons unknown, their butler, Frederick Carroma went out to seek the estranged daughter of the Dela Torre. Samantha is an orphan but before she became one, her mother claimed that she was the daughter of a powerful man, yet she never believed her. At 24 years old she took to the road and became a traveling musician. She was happy despite being underrated, but her world took a 360 degrees turn when she found herself kidnapped. She was thrown inside a cave where she met a handsome but rude celestial being. He commanded her to answer five questions and if she failed she would suffer a gruesome fate. Soon, Samantha was caught in a war between powerful entities. A war that took root in her family. Amidst the chaos and their struggle to survive, the celestial being continued to force Samantha for answers. But not long after, she noticed that his demeanor and questions started aiming for her heart.





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