The Kindred Chronicles: Tides of War | D.A. Chan | Fantasy


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Even Monsters Dare to Dream. In a world teetering on the edge of war, Chris clings to a singular belief: even monsters dare to dream. But his decision to inject himself with the feras gul mutagen, a desperate bid to delay war between humanity and kindredkind, shatters any hope of a future with Elline.

Elline’s heart belongs to the Magister, Empyrean; theirs is a promise made in earnest. Yet as her father, the High Lord, prepares for the invasion of Atlantis, she finds herself drawn to Chris’s selflessness—a dangerous allure that jeopardizes her carefully constructed life with the Magister and the tremulous alliance between the kindred races.

This eagerly awaited sequel to Chan’s gripping debut pits convictions against the greater good, as Chris, Elline, and Empyrean must tread treacherous waters, torn between trusting a renegade atlantean faction that has betrayed their queen or a known traitor showing signs of redemption, while navigating the costliness of love and the currencies of war.

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