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Have you ever wondered where your dreams go when you wake up?

12-year-old Casper loves to sleep in class. Seated no longer than 15 minutes and you will find him fighting his
eyelids from drooping especially in his most hated subject – the arts class.

One day, he wakes up in an enchanted realm – Ignimbrite. There he finds everything in his dreams – pixies, elves, mermaids and his cat, Elmo – talking!

Casper discovers that in Ignimbrite, every child can have a magical gift or power – including him. In this magical realm, everything he draws comes to life! But this is not the gift he wishes for . . .

There is no time to sulk. There’s someone in the dark, unhappy about the children having magic – a wicked witch!

As Casper tries to stop the witch from her evil plans, he unearths something . . . a secret that will change the course of his journey – forever.

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