Imelda and the Sword of Death | Isla Margaux Dingal | Adventure | Fantasy


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Once upon a time, a sword bearing terrible power was crafted by the best swordsmith of the kingdom. This weapon was made to keep the Bakunawa at bay – an ancient serpentine beast that devours moons. When this sword was stolen in the dead of the night, Princess Imelda and her friend, Maude, set out on a journey to retrieve it, encountering friends and foes alike in the mystical lands surrounding their home.

“Imelda and the Sword of Death” tells the inspiring tale of a young girl’s journey to find the Sword of Death. This captivating adventure story is perfect for young readers, highlighting the importance of perseverance, courage, and the ability to accomplish great things despite one’s age.

Isla Margaux Dingal is an eleven-year old student who lives in Cebu, Philippines with her family and pup, Winky.  Her passion for writing started when she was in third grade; she would write stories about kids like her having superpowers. She found writing enjoyable and thought it would be fun to immortalize all her ideas into a page and turn them into a story—just like this one!

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