Ang Mga Alon sa Amin | AHA | Rainey S. Dolatre, Coleen Ramirez-Panahon, Gina A. Alfonso | Guhit ni Ianthe Pimentel


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Ang Mga Alon sa Amin tells the story of Mario, a Tagbanua boy from Culion, Palawan whose love for the sea turns into fear after a terrible super typhoon devastates his community. To learn to love the sea again, he must remember to open his heart and dance in step with his people.

This story captures the resilience of the Tagbanua Indigenous community after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) devastated Northern Palawan in 2013. Ang mga Alon sa Amin also features resilience-building art activities for children to do with the grown ups in their lives. These exercises are meant to help adults attune to children, re-establish their sense of safety, and guide them in rediscovering joy in light of their distress.

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