The Switch | Blake O | LGBTQ


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The Switch | Blake O | Bisexual

In the mountainous province of Ratchaburi, Thailand, Alex is eagerly waiting for his sixteenth birthday cake to be delivered to his doorstep. The bell rings, and he meets Zander, his twin whom he did not know existed. Four years later, Alex is a budding actor and Zander is the backing vocals of a rising band.

On the fateful night of their twentieth birthday, an eclipse occurs, and the twins inexplicably switch bodies. While trying to undo the cosmic glitch, they try to fill each other’s shoes and at the same time maintain their relationships. Alex’s boyfriend, Lance, tries to figure his heart out as he realizes Alex is Zander’s twin, with whom he shared a meaningful past. Zander’s best friend, Finn, may or may not have a clue and he may or may not be helplessly in love with Alex since the first time they met.

After sixteen years of being separated, the twins are almost strangers. The switch stirs theirs lives, and maybe before they find their way back to their bodies, they need to find each other first.


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