Silent Nights: Finding Hope in the Horrible


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It was the year everything happened – and it was the year everything did…not.

It was easily the worst, the year everything went wrong. From a bird’s eye view, we see an entire planet panic, scrambling for safety behind shut doors. December came differently. Instead of festive holidays, cities have fallen silent, turning wide streets spectrally empty. What used to be tables full of family and friends and festivities turned hushed, empty, and quiet.

It was the year things went wrong – it was the year things went right, too.

This anthology is a collection of 28 stories of grief, loss, love, fear, and hope during the most celebrated month of the year. Behold stories that open us to the other side of the holidays: the whimsical, the strange, the unconventional – the atypical.

After all, December is more than just celebrating the holiday cheer.

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