Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback


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Summer Dreams | Anthology | Paperback

Dreams can be tricky.

They could be beautiful where you can choose to sleep and continue the fantasy; Or wake up and chase after them in the real world. They could be nightmares – the wicked ones that haunt you and keep you up all night, sometimes even when they are awake because it is the reality you wish you could wake up from but you won’t.

In this second collection of eleven short stories in English and Filipino, let us take you to a slumber party where you will be swallowed deep into the forest, get drowned in a surge of water, get lucky escaping from the war, horribly fall in love with an engkanto, and get a friendly encounter with a mermaid. Eventually, you have to stop running away from the demons living in your head and be brave enough to face your Summer Dreams.


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