The Things We’re Afraid to Say | Arli Pagaduan | Paperback


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The Things We’re Afraid to Say | Arli Pagaduan | Paperback

“This is the only life I’ll have. This is the only time I’ll have met you in this lifetime, in this country, in this era, in this speck in space against a hundred and thousand galaxies. This is the universe we are in, not a parallel one, not a distorted one, but this. This. This. Here. Now. This is the only life I’ll ever have. Surely I can tell you something quieter than a passing comet, something smaller to accept than a loss in a game, something easier to understand than a supernova.” — An excerpt from Rooftop

Arli Pagaduan’s fourth self-published book, The Things We’re Afraid to Say, is a collection of short stories and prose about friendship and love. Written and illustrated by Arli Pagaduan and edited by KB Meniado, the book lets you into the stories of

  • Dave who’s a deep talker and Darla who’s a small talker in iceberg
  • two friends listening to the same songs in skip it
  • how parallel lines touch in another world in parallel
  • unreciprocated, undecided, and undying love in a case of the un’s
  • an Earthling trying to reach a person he loves in another galaxy in how far do I have to travel?

and many more.

Whatever the things we’re afraid to say may be, I hope that this book can give you a little courage to say them, or if not, at least, make you smile, feel butterflies and dragonflies in your tummy, or invite you to reflect on what friendship and love mean to you.


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