The Invisible Cyber Bully: What it’s like to be watched 24/7 | Expat Scribe


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Revienne, a washed-up print journo working for an eminent shrink with VIP clients, tried to revive her career by writing a novel about her life in a member country of the “Vortex of Evil.” One day, the Labor Ministry invited her to participate in an “employment survey,” which would allow the Feds to place her under surveillance for six months—maybe indefinitely. It turned out to be fake.

When she repeatedly dodged the surveyors, weird things started to happen. Strangers in Superman T-shirts followed her around. The family cats disappeared, one by one. Are they spooking her into compliance? Why don’t they just arrest her for civil disobedience? Was her book that awful? Did it have something to do with her access to the mental health and addiction records of the country’s leaders? Or is something more sinister lurking in the background?

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