They Came from the Rivers | A Collection of the Best #PinoySciFi Stories | #ScienceFiction


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  • Time Stretch by Edelio P. De Los Santos
  • West Paradise by Remac Ballais
  • A Letter from the President of the Philippines by Aeron Arador
  • A Perfect Mistake by Cam Adajar
  • Astrophel by Faye Alfonso
  • Filipinas 2100 by Fred Figueroa
  • Holo Alicia by La Reveuse
  • Lakambini by Arnaldo Ortiz Patena
  • New Once Again by Ayrton Christian Braga
  • Night’s Captain by Alex Alcasid
  • Octavius Tobias by Jared Tomas
  • Parallel Encounters by AngelicaMayao
  • The Agape by Romycar Lucas
  • The Memory Box by Geonard Yleana
  • The Siren by Maxine Pulgar Ramos
  • The Truths Were All False by Sharmila YuSha
  • They Came from the Rivers by Dan Merais
  • Wake Up, Penelope by Jansen Moises
  • What Is Real by Justin PB Villanueva

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