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  • 8Letters Bookstore Pawn to Queen Shiela Cancino

    Pawn to Queen: Life’s Chess and Quests | Shiela Cancino


    Written by Shiela M. Cancino

    In this collection of personal essays, Shiela M. Cancino will show us how her humble beginnings made way to fulfill her dreams, from being an accountant to becoming a professional career coach and world-class speaker.

  • Rose


    A novel by Maria Criselda Santos

    Sunsets in Toulouse are tinged with pink, making the city the ideal romantic getaway in southwest France. But come sunrise, its walls are bloodstained and the air rancid.

    Each day, a new body turns up, mangled, and almost unrecognizable. Each night, a monster prowls undetected.

    In this dark narrative, five stories intertwine.

    With mature content

  • 8Letters Bookstore Embracing Uncertainties Cindy Wong

    Embracing Uncertainties


    Author: Cindy Wong

    Written during the pandemic, Cindy Wong will take us from Russia, Turkey, Antarctica, and the Philippines in her latest collection of personal essays entitled Embracing Uncertainties.

    In this world of uncertainty, how do we find joy and strength? How do we keep our faith and love alive?