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Upgrade your skills and knowledge with these educational books from 8letters!

Learning and mastering a skill can be daunting, especially if there is fear attached to it. The fear of speaking, for example, is not uncommon, and many individuals struggle to talk impromptu before a crowd. For teachers and professionals in the education industry, designing a course is yet another Herculean task—and even academicians had to go through trainings and read modules to accomplish this.

Here’s the good news: two new releases from 8letters Bookstore and Publishing addresses these concerns and offers valuable, doable, and fool-proof ways to master impromptu speaking and create e-learning materials.

From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking (PHP 425)

From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking

Laila Vergara-Tungcab’s debut book is perfect for students, career starters, young professionals, and adult professionals and learners who want to continuously hone their skills and equip themselves to thrive and be successful in their career or endeavors. From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking is a trove of facts and inspiration from Laila’s mentors and colleagues in the industry. While this book targets ANYONE who needs to communicate more confidently and effectively, it would make an ideal sourcebook for 18 to 45-year-olds.

Apparently, fear of public speaking is real. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, glossophobia, also known as public speaking anxiety, affects around 73 percent of people. This is mostly caused by fear of negative judgment by others. Laila adds, “They can speak but they lack the confidence to express their thoughts; the  awareness on how to use the structures to make their speeches more logical and organized; exposure; and practice. My book will provide tools, techniques, [and] tips through specific  examples and real experiences.”

Even the front cover, a ladder, offer offers a symbolic take on the subject, and reflects Laila’s own experiences as a speaker and a trainer.

“I built up my impromptu speaking skills from 0 to 1 through constant practice. Improving my skills is like climbing the ladder—8 am taking one step at a time,” she said.

The E-Learning Rudder: 6 Steps for a Successful E-Learning Development (PHP 210)

The Economic Times defines e-learning as a learning system based on formalized teaching aided by electronic resources. Long ago, instructors had to use the chalk-and-board and modular methods to teach their classes. Even before the pandemic, e-learning had been a major thrust in education, both in the academe and in private industries.

Consequently, instructors had to learn how to create and design their e-courses for a more sustainable strategy, and Jogen Atienza’s book provides essential keys to developing a successful e-learning course—in six simple steps!

The E-Learning Rudder was written with adult learners in mind. The author mentioned the Analyze-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate (ADDIE) Framework as one of the foundations in the creation of his first book. The International Society for Educational Technology (ISFET) also refers to the ADDIE Framework as a standard procedure and the most commonly implemented model in instructional design and course development.

Despite the evolution of e-learning, however, Jogen was still able to spot gaps in instructional design. His book not only provides a simple and effective way to design e-learning courses, but also compiles the best practices and models to ensure the success of each course.

“My goal is to help aspiring Instructional Designers /Developers as well as teachers who want to shift to the corporate world be given an overview of how things work here based on my years of experience in  Corporate Learning & Development and Instructional Design,” he told 8letters.

His book may be slender in volume, but it is nonetheless packed with everything a course designer needs to know, plus words of wisdom from a professional who has trodden the same path.

These two books are available for pre-order, with their e-book versions now on Amazon. Grab a copy now and start learning from public speaking champion Laila Vergara-Tungcab and course design expert Jogen Paolo Atienza!

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