From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking | Laila Vergara-Tungcab | Good Street


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From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking | Laila Vergara-Tungcab | Good Street

We are prompted to speak every day, and each conversation has the capacity to bring us closer to our life goals. However, the lack of determination, confidence, and preparation holds us back from success and what we are meant to be.

From Mumbling to Mastering Impromptu Speaking provides valuable resources from insights, techniques and tips on delivering an impromptu speech in different real-life situations such as job interviews and business networking. In this book, you will find strategies compiled based on my experience as a decade-long public speaker and career consultant. I also provided techniques that will help you let go of your fears of speaking up effectively.

If you are on your way to success, this book is guaranteed to get you there.

About the Author:

Laila Vergara-Tungcab, MBA, has been a champion public speaker for more than ten years and a communication trainer for more than 15 years in an IT company and higher education. She has helped thousands of professionals and undergraduate students to achieve their professional and personal goals by building their confidence and unleashing their potential in public speaking and presentation skills. As a member of a non-profit international public speaking organization since 2012, she has been consistently winning the impromptu speaking contest and has delivered hundreds of related workshops, especially in Asia.

Laila is also a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and a career coach. She has guided many of her students in career planning and development, especially on postgraduate admission and job interview skills and preparation. With her guidance on this skill, these students were admitted to top business schools worldwide and landed jobs in multinational companies.

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