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8Letters PH x Shieldcrest Publishing, UK: First Project

Expansion for an indie publisher like us is rare but necessary especially in the pursuit of spreading our books across the globe. 8Letters has been on the lookout, so when Shieldcrest opened the idea of a collaboration, we could not hide our excitement. Upon knowing that we’re going to work on a fantasy book by a Filipino author, we quickly jumped in.

Shieldcrest was voted the best book publishing company in the UK for 2019 and 2020 and is known for its huge number of titles – 288 as of counting. This is also one route to bringing more Filipino books to the world.

Bobby Black, The Grand Warlock of Great Britain by R.R. Knight, also known as Rommel Ortega is a promising book that’s first on the line. It talks about the four black books of the wizarding world hidden in a library. The protagonist and his family of wizards tamed the living books to reveal to them their contents and their meanings. Then came along the war of the wizards in Great Britain, which made an abrupt change to Bobby’s plan. Defeat is in their house.

Bobby left the country and traveled to Southeast Asia, where he encountered the Snake of the Old World, Lucifer. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this book provides an array of cultures that only proves the writer’s genius.

During the online book launch last October 2, I talked to Rommel about how he was inspired by reading the books in the library while earning his degree at the University of Santo Tomas. His rich vocabulary and imagination prevailed in the 400-page book available for only PHP 990.

Watch the interview with the reading of the entire chapter two here:

Like the book, Bobby Black, 8Letters also believes that anything that travels accumulates power, whether it be knowledge or experience (#8LettersGoingPlaces). There will be more collaboration between Shieldcrest and 8Letters, so stay tuned for more details.

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