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There’s a Light that never Goes Out by Katarina Velasquez

For people with regrets, struggles or simply lost, finding their way out – The Light That Never Goes Out is for you.

What the book is about:

Writer and Editor Katarina Velasquez is living a quiet life in the city when she receives news from her hometown in Cavite involving a childhood friend. She dropped everything and headed home.

But going back meant also wading across the sea of memory—encounters, drinking sessions, relationships, and among other things—lights that are still lit.

Confronted by old friendships and feelings, Kat must make a choice: let all the memories catch up or snuff all of its light out completely.

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Author Spotlight

We sat down with Katarina to talk about her debut novel, There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.

Did Katarina write the story based on her real-life story?

Yes. Although what happened in real-life is a lot more boring. But it’s true–someone I was close with (or thought I was close with) died, and I had to go back to my hometown and get in touch with things I’d rather forget. 

What’s the story really about?

It’s about me healing. First, with the death of my long time partner, and second healing from the loose ends of the past. I was the type of person who’d rather run away the face what’s coming. It took this long for me to realize that “running away” is just an illusion. One way or another, everything catches up and I have to face it.

Clearly, the book itself did not have the usually happy ending. Does Katarina believe in happy endings?

I do believe in happy endings! The things is, I seldom write about them, haha. However, I believe There is a Light that Never Goes Out has a happy ending. I went back, I faced everything, tried to get some closure, then left. 

We saw the shifting of POVs. How would you describe Rick and Sam? Are they based on real people?

They are based on real people! Rick is a friend, Sam is a friend. And like most people, they have their concerns and anxieties. So…they’re not perfect. But both of them wanted something. They definitely wanted for something.

What’s next for Katarina?

What’s next. Hmm. I’ve mentioned this before in my Facebook page, but I am working on a YA novel, and it’s about something very dear to me and my youth. I was part of a “culture” in my early teens, so I’m writing about that. I’m also working on a novel about my fascination for K-pop, and another more “serious” project. So yeah, I’ve got some projects lined up, and hopefully they’d find home in 8Letters too!

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