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Success Story: How to Become a Rich Filipino by Ralph Javier

If you are looking for a way to become a rich Filipino, we might have the book that you’re looking for. How to Become a Rich Filipino by Ralph Joshua Javier will take you into different pathways to become rich, not only financially but also physically, socially and spiritually.

We sat down with the author to get to know him better:

8Letters: Following the success of your launch and the raving reviews you got from readers, do you think this says a lot about how eager Filipinos are to improve their finances?

I think Filipinos are starving for Financial Education. They want to become rich but they lack the knowledge on how to achieve it and I think this is one of the reasons why many are poor. We need to promote financial education, especially among the youth. I created this book to help Filipinos have the mindset, habits, and strategies to become a rich Filipino. 

8Letters: Was there any comment that you found surprising/totally different from the usual ones you received? Please share something about it.

I read this comment just recently and it really flattered me, it says,

“For me, you are the true definition po ng successful person because the true successful person uplifts others to be successful too.”

8Letters: How has self-publishing and launching this book impacted your life? Your perspective?

I think launching this book will open a lot of opportunities for me to help more Filipinos. Ever since I was a child, my dream is to really inspire other people and help them to become successful. Pero na-realize ko walang maniniwala sayo kung wala ka pang napapatunayan, that is why I strived to become successful and I wrote this book. 

8Letters: Do you have any plans to write another book like this? A series? What’s next after MIBF?

What’s next after MIBF? My goal is to promote this book to more Filipinos, and make this book accessible to them by putting it in the major bookstores. I also plan to become more active in social media, and create online courses or events to teach the lessons from the book.

Catch Ralph at the biggest book fair in town, Manila International Book Fair at Booth 251 and at the Indie Village (The Indie Pub Collab PH at Booth 248) for book signing on September 17, 10 am – 12 pm.

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