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It is legit! It is lit! #LitFest Wrap-up

We are excited to share that the recent #Litfest2023 organized by 8LETTERS BOOKSTORE AND PUBLISHING was a great success. This annual event, held in celebration of National Literature Month, took place from April 14-16, 2023, marking its fifth consecutive year. The four-day festival featured insightful guidance and tips, a variety of writing webinars presented by renowned speakers, and the launch of numerous books. Attendees left the festival feeling inspired and motivated, having gained valuable advice, practical tips, and new ideas for their writing.

During the LitFest, we introduced emerging writers and their incredible writing creations on Friday, April 14. This day, we launched over fifty books as part of the 8letters 31 Letters challenge to gather and promote Filipino writers.

It started off with David Chan and Renato Tranquilino’s nerd talks on science fiction and urban fantasy. And in the afternoon, we received a fascinating perspective and fresh ideas on incorporating AI in writing and book creation. Join our CEO, Ms. Cindy Wong, to explore how AI can complement the writing process without compromising authenticity. While relying solely on AI is not sufficient for writers to thrive, we must keep our creative juices flowing. So, let’s exercise our brains and rely on AI to add the finishing touches if we need some assistance.

Ms. Maria Criselda Santos, our resident Francophile, delivered a gratifying talk about how Authentic Author branding works as she walked us through choosing our name and leaving our mark in the world of literature to round out the day’s course writing webinars. Defining who you are as a writer as you raise your voice to build and solidify your presence as you validate yourself in the world of publishing.

On April 16th, the final day of the event, Ms. Michellan Sarile-Alagao delivered a delightful presentation on achieving a sustainable writing career. She provided guidance on developing a writing routine and offered survival tips for writers in a competitive environment. Ms. Sarile-Alagao stressed the significance of understanding and listening to different aspects of ourselves and being part of a community or group. Ultimately, she highlighted the crucial role of promotion in the writing process – write, submit, and promote.

To wrap up our #Litfest2023, the final talk was given by Ms. Odyssa Rivera Abile, who shared her exciting insights and tips on why travel writing is significant. Her emphasis was on being a traveler as opposed to a tourist, as all experiences are valuable. She stressed the importance of writing from the heart to establish a connection with our readers.

Books give us hope, inspire us to dream, and carry us to new places and shoes.

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