BOBBY BLACK: The Grand Warlock of Great Britain | R.R Knight


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Thirty years ago, a man named Robert “Bobby” Black decided to leave The United Kingdom of Great Britain and go to the Kingdom of the Southeast Aragons in Southeast Asia. It was not an easy decision on his part since he would be away from the place where he was born, the place or special country where he made many of his memories and much of his history. He and his family have a different history than the rest of the British people and have been involved in different wars than the rest of humanity. They are different because they have magical capabilities and magical powers. But these magical powers are latent in their constitutions and can only be brought to the fore through schooling and much study.

And guess where he developed his magical powers? Yes, from Mastreca Kingdom West for warlocks and witches. He is no less than an unknown classmate of Master Merlin Martin the Great Warlock—the famous wizard in Mastreca and in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. But in all of this, being a classmate of Merlin, he was also with the clan of the Galvanors. Yes, that smug group of wizards. Did he choose to be in this group? Oh no, we all know that it was the Mepherous – the Queer Sorter – who chooses which clan one should belong to.

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