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Tips from Claire Paladin to complete Your poetry collection

Claire Paladin is the author of two best-selling poetry books, Things I Told the Moon and Stars and Words I Wrote to the Moon.

Ask yourself, “For whom do I write for?” and “What emotions/feelings do I want to portray for my next book?”

This is the first thing that I do before collecting poems. Whom do I write for? Do I write for myself? Or for other people?

Doing this makes you feel eager to write and complete your collection of poetry. By asking yourself these questions, it thirsts your mind to write more and be disciplined that whenever you feel like writing or not; you’re going to finish the collection you always planned for.


Regardless of what I feel, whether sad or happy, I have to get up on the bed and start writing. With this, I realize that all you have to do is show up on your table with pen and paper on good days or bad.

Feel your thoughts

I validate and acknowledge what I feel before writing. Sometimes, we have something on our minds that we cannot easily write, and maybe the reason is that we didn’t get ourselves a chance to validate those feelings we wanted to write.

A-not-so-good poem is a good poem

We always want to write the perfect poem on the first attempt, and we get discouraged if it isn’t. Let that a-not-so-good or perfect poem of yours sit and linger on your paper for a while. A few weeks later, you’d thank yourself for not deleting it.

Let your editor criticize your work

Sometimes, it’s good to see your work from a different perspective. Let your editor criticize and make comments about it and try to reflect. This step might be your key as the next 8letters best-selling author.

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