Will you be my Prom date? Inside Jameila Barrientos’ Ten Days and a Prom

Fantasy and love with no I Love Yous.

Prom is probably one of the most anticipated events in high school. It’s peak high school drama in a shining glass slipper and neat tuxedos. In Jameila Barriento’s interview of her book “Ten Days and a Prom”, she drew inspiration from an invitation she had from her alma matter’s high school director. She was looking forward to the event, however it was in conflict with her schedule.

“I was really looking forward to it, but the schedule was in conflict with my current job’s activities. Sadly, I had to decline the invitation.”

But she turned this around by creating her prized book, an amalgamation of light romance and fantasy into a piece that reminisces the old high school days of. It is important that anyone can relate to the story—even those who are no longer in high school! It is a passage that any young adult must go through before going off to a larger world.

The crucial part of her book is how the romance is written and shown. For Jameila, she interestingly evaded the use of I Love Yous. Instead, she showed this through the actions of each character and how they develop feelings towards one another. Must be a tough call because it is physically impossible not to expect and anticipate those three words from the characters of any romance story. But alas! She did it.

Seeing as this book is one of her masterpieces, Jameila is now an expert in love and storytelling. The only advice she could give aspiring writers?

“Read a lot. Write a lot. Get it out there. Make it happen.”

If you wish to read her book, “Ten Days and a Prom”, it is available in 8Letters website, or follow the link below:

Ten Days and a Prom | Jameila Barrientos | Novella – 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing

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