Dreams and kindred chronicles
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Scifi author D.A. Chan keeps it cool and grounded amidst publishing success

PinoyScifi is on a roll, with the recent release of titles at the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) and at Frankfurt Book Fair. One of these books is David Chan’s The Kindred Chronicles and Dreams. Hailing from Cebu, Philippines, Chan is a public speaker and the founder of Suwat Ta, a collective of writers, which is evidence of his profound creative experience. Despite his status, he remains proactive in the publishing scene, and grounded about his achievements.

“It has been such a humbling experience because I never really saw myself doing what I’m doing now. I’m excited, but I’m also keeping my feet on the ground and reminding myself to simply stay consistent. One day at a time,” he says.

His book, The Kindred Chronicles, has earned high praises from readers here and abroad, including the much-coveted four-star rating from Clarion Reviews. Interestingly, his earlier work, Dreams, was not published in print until recently. Chan shares that the stories were, in fact, Web files.

“Short clips and different genres from all around the world pop up in our phones, allowing more people to get exposed to the incredible, strange, and enchanting stories within the scifi and fantasy genres.

Dreams was written when my “soul was still young” so to speak. I have also learned to simply allow my stories to flourish on their own, focusing more on the intentions to bless others; security comes from good intentions, after all,” the author explains.

When he is not writing, Chan is helping Cebu-based authors write and pitch their stories. For him, there are so many powerful, amazing, incredible, enchanting stories out there – all waiting to be told.

He recounts, “A few years ago, I received a call from an old friend, who introduced me to more like-minded people. One thing led to another, one group, organization, or association to another, until eventually, I ended up in a position wherein I can actually help connect people in ways that create opportunities for more and more storytelling!

Being part of the Cebu Creative Entertainment Council is such a blessing because I get to work with very amazing, inspiring people, and having the privilege to be a small part of the success of others is truly very humbling. Our goal is simple: we help storytellers get their stories out there.”

Dreams and kindred chronicles

The second editions of The Kindred Chronicles and Dreams are both coming out on November 7, with a special promo price for digital copies. Chan, together with 8letters, has also partnered with producers and are preparing to turn The Kindred Chronicles into manga and anime, and perhaps even a video game, while Dreams might find itself a webtoon iteration soon.

Additionally, Chan is releasing the sequel to The Kindred Chronicles, alongside a new and totally different story—a supernatural action thriller involving vampires that do NOT sparkle under sunlight!

Grab a copy of The Kindred Chronicles and Dreams here:

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