The Book Cover Shop

We have recently launched our Book Cover Shop where we’ve partnered with one of the best local photographers, Mr. Ouie Sanchez. He specializes in nude photography, but he also takes fascinating themed photographs which are perfect for whatever genre you’re writing. We’ve got romance, fantasy, mystery and general fiction covered.

Welcome to the 8Letters Book Cover Shop!

The Book Cover Shop

As online writers, there’s always the struggle of finding the perfect cover photo that will portray our story effectively. Especially when you can’t just grab anything from Google and use it as your cover photo – that you may get sued for.

There are many ways to getting your book the cover it deserves, and here are some of them with reminders to take note:


Copy of autumn moments



Our gallery of book cover photos is categorized into two.

  • Exclusive means you will be the sole owner of the picture. Once we receive your payment, we will remove it from our archive and any social media sites. You are free to use the photo for your book cover and any promotional materials for your story.
  • Non-exclusive means you have the right to use it for your cover or promotional materials, but we will not take it down from our site. That means it will still be used in other projects by other clients, but don’t worry, non-exclusive photos can be purchased as exclusive photos.


Once you find the photo that you like, send us a message. We will then send you the invoice to process the payment via Paypal or BDO. Please note that we can only hold the photo for a maximum of 24 hours.

Our team can also design the front and back of your book by putting the title, author name, blurb, etc.

Exclusive: PHP 3,000
Non-Exclusive: PHP 500
Opening promotion until 31 Dec. 2017 Exclusive: PHP 2,800 Non-Exclusive: PHP 450

Remember that it’s first come, first serve basis so if you think that any photo in our album suits your story, send us a Facebook message or an email to [email protected] right away.

If you are looking for anything in particular and can’t find it in our gallery, let us know, and we’ll try to find it for you.

Also, even if you have not finished writing that story yet, we recommend selecting a non-exclusive cover photo. This can surely motivate you to reach the finish line! 😉

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