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One-on-one with Trigger Garett Author, Sig Coweng Torr

Here’s a quick catch-up with Sig Coweng Torr, author of one of 8Letters’ recent #PinoySciFi releases, Trigger Garett.

  1. With the recent success of your book (almost sold out at the MIBF book signing, you’re reaching Aix-de-Provence), did you have any realizations or reflections on the reading culture and landscape in the Philippines (and abroad)?
    I’ve written Trigger Garett with quite a niche market in mind. But I’m surprised at how diverse my audience has become! I have straight readers and readers who are looking for an action-packed sci-fi. It’s true what they say: There will always be a reader for every writer.
  2. In our book talk, you mentioned that you didn’t really have huge expectations after the book’s publication. But then here we are; your book is getting to places. Did your stance change? Do you have plans to make your book available in other countries?
    Right now, Trigger Garett is available on Amazon as an eBook! I’m so happy that it’s reaching out beyond the country’s borders. I’ve had a couple of buyers who saw my book on Reddit. I’m hoping to be able to sell my book overseas as a softbound, though! The bigger the audience I reach, the stronger the clamor for the book will be.
  3. What is your favorite feedback from readers? Does this feedback match your intention as you were writing the book?
    I’ve had a couple of people tell me that it’s quite the page-turner. They like how the story doesn’t dilly-dally and brings you straight into the action in just a few pages. They also feel the vibe and energy of the bars I’ve written. It’s as if they were transported to a future version of Poblacion, Makati! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to present to my readers. Maybe Poblacion would become even bigger because of the book? Who knows!
  4. Any future plans? WIPs and author/book appearances?
    Trigger Garett just joined 8Letters to Germany as part of this year’s Frankfurter Buchmesse, one of the world’s largest book fair! There’s also planned for the book to be turned into an audiobook. I’m also currently working on a sequel to the book! One that focuses on Garett’s best friend and roommate, Linda. And in the future, watch out for more sci-fi stories written by yours truly, Sig C. Torr.

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