5 Reasons You Shoot to the Stars

MIBF and Frankfurt fave shoots to the stars with debut novel

What would you do if you were given only one year to live?

Rising author Vittena Vibar explores this question through Kerri, a half Filipina with an unlikely neurodegenerative disorder, and Jared, the lead of an international band. The result is “Shoot to the Stars”, her debut novel that has become a favorite at the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) and Frankfurt Book Fair.

A story about getting a chance at life, the book introduces readers to 20-year old Huntingtons-afflicted Kerri, who slowly rises to worldwide musical fame after she wakes up in a private plane. She meets Jared, an eccentric Hollywood musician in whom she finds love as he takes her under his wing. They both find themselves at the mercy of time’s whims due to Kerri’s disease and the rapid decline of her health.

Although many parts of the story are considered romantic, the story was born during one of Vibar’s darkest days.

“The brain has its own way of resuscitating itself and it gave me this concept story. I think it’s [because of] hope—the epinephrine that revives anyone even in the most dire of situations. It drugged me into writing a life (sic), despite inevitable death, is given a chance by destiny to live longer a bit but in a grander way,” Vibar shares with 8letters.

While it took Vibar two years to “finalize” the book as she incorporated social issues, medical accurate terminology, and ontology/philosophy in a “romantic novel”, her efforts were not put in vain. Her plans for the book are beyond merely publishing, with she noting the intention of “bringing Philippine sentiments across borders through music but still attached with the universality of philosophy in search of meaning (through prose and poem).”

Ultimately, “Shoot to the Stars” is a reminder that life is too short and precious to waste.

“Love as much as you can. Dream as much as you can. Hope as much as you can. Life is not all about fame and money. It’s all about how you live it,” Vibar says.

Vittena Vibar dreams up stories hooked on culture, conscience, and creativity. A common folk, sister, daughter, partner, go-getter, cocooned neurotic who toys between reality and fantasy. “Shoot to the Stars” is her first book.

Five Reasons Why Read Shoot to the Stars

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