What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is an emerging concept that becomes the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing.  Authors are now presented with a myriad of options to bring their works to life. This innovative publishing combines elements of traditional and self-publishing, which is a collaborative approach where authors pay upfront expenses towards the production and distribution costs while the publisher financially shoulders professional editing, design, and production services. Due to its newness and the lack of universal agreement over its definition, it has received some controversy as it is being referred to as vanity publishing.

Publishing a work is already a gamble enough, so authors must choose wisely what is best for them. The royalties authors receive significantly vary depending on the publishing model they choose. 

What is a Book Royalty?

A book royalty is the amount of money that publishers pay an author for the rights to publish their book. Book royalties is where the money is at, literally. 

In traditional publishing, the author’s royalties are usually around 10%, while the publisher takes the rest if the author has been signed to a publishing house that is guaranteed to publish their works. For authors who are only just starting to publish their works, it is a challenge to be selected by a traditional publishing house as they are highly selective with the manuscripts they acquire. Authors with strong media presence is also a factor that traditional publishing houses favor as an author with a platform can easily market their published book.   However, it’s important to note that the author’s royalty percentage is calculated based on the publisher’s net receipts, which is the amount received by the publisher after deducting printing, distribution, and other costs. Traditional Publishing as a new author requires great perseverance and a lot of effort. It is a necessity that one must build a strong manuscript, learn more about the publishing industry and build strong connections with professionals and other authors, requiring consistent marketing to build credibility. 

On the other hand, self-publishing authors bypass the assistance of a traditional publishing house and handle all aspects of book production, distribution, and marketing on their own. Since the author determines the price and the profit margin, there are no book royalties. When an author self-publishes, they keep their rights to their work. 

8LETTERS Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing models such as our publishing company, 8Letters, provide self-publishing authors services to ensure that they can turn a Word document manuscript into a physical book. We offer traditional services such as manuscript editing, promoting and marketing the book, and many more. When compared to traditional publishing models, authors profit from higher royalties while still having a great deal of creative control over their work. By reducing risk while providing the same level of experience and essential services as a traditional publisher—editing, design, marketing, and nationwide distribution to trade and library accounts—hybrid contracts enable smaller, independent presses to approve more projects. When authors have access to professional design, editing, and distribution services, they can create books of a quality that can compete with those published by traditional publishers. Hybrid publishing also gives writers access to a helpful publishing community that offers advice and experience all the way through the publishing process. Similar to this process, 8Letters also secures and registers your published books with an ISBN and copyright certification, making the process of publishing less hassle while maintaining full control over your manuscript. 8Letters, as a hybrid publishing company, distinguishes itself as an avenue that is author-centric publisher, trailblazing up-and-coming authors that have yet to be discovered. We empower our authors through our workshops that open doors to opportunities in this ever-evolving world of indie publishing in the Philippines.

For more information, please visit www.8lettersbooks.com or send an email at [email protected]

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