Diving Deep into Literature: Introduction to the Deep Dive Series

Within the evolving landscape of literature lies the beginning of a journey across a book that deeply explores the narratives, themes, and characters. Enhancing the perception and the informative value of our books, we acknowledged the essence of supplementary materials and developed the Deep Dive Series.

The Deep Dive Series intends to support and enhance the reading experience of chosen titles and is crafted for libraries, bookstores, classrooms, and anyone who delves into the details of the narratives. Its goal is to provide comprehensive analysis and interpretation, helping readers to explicate the subtext, and also promote a range of perspectives by engaging in critical discourse.

At the Philippine Book Festival last year, we presented three titles for the Deep Dive Series: Meatball Club, Suong, and Fate of a Distant Future written by our distinguished authors. These books captured the readers’ attention as they explored their creative storylines, multifaceted characters, and implicit concepts with the help of these study guides.

Recognizing the beneficial effects of our earlier releases, we are thrilled to unwrap the additional entries to the Deep Dive Series: Ang Maghuhurno and San Rafael. Examining the depths of romance and historical fiction, these study guides provide a simplification to the intriguing compositions, guiding readers in the realm of romance, while also exploring the rich tapestry of historical, cultural, and political events. Ang Maghuhurno has relevance to the recent events of COVID-19 pandemic and presidential election along with the foreshadowing from the historical events of the Katipunan and the flashbacks on the traditional way of cooking rice cake, and in conjunction with these, the novel also revolves around the various aspects and conventions of love as seen in the lives of each character. As for San Rafael, it has reference to the real-life happenings during Martial Law, highlighting the realities of activism on how it can change the lives of people, while also revolving around the rekindled romance on what was once forbidden between the two main characters.

The convenience of Deep Dive Series is in its assurance that the materials can provide an understanding to a variety of readers and scholars. From being a leisure reader seeking to broaden the horizons and a teacher aiming to expand the knowledge in the classroom, to the bookstores and libraries intending to provide informative resources, the Deep Dive Series has a comprehensive coverage, including authorial intent, explanations of each thematic idea, relevant vocabulary, literary devices, summary, and guide questions. These contents not only have the capacity to supplement the reading as they also foster one’s critical perspective and literary criticism.

With these supportive frameworks for knowledge and appreciation, it is our goal to unwrap the full potential of the books for the readers to form a profound connection with literature and kindle a lasting fondness for reading. Thus, join us as we dive deep into the sea of creativity and breakthrough with the Deep Dive Series as the guide to discovering the comprehensiveness of fictional narratives.

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