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Manuscript to Marketplace: The 8Letters Guide to Self-Publishing

Beyond the barriers of traditional publishing, self-publishing offers a plethora of opportunities that empower writers to explore literary and artistic horizons, helping them to realize their literary ambitions, connect with readers, and, most importantly, contribute to the ever-evolving sphere of Filipino literature.

How to Self-Publish Your Book:

  1. Prepare Your Manuscript: It should be complete, edited, and formatted according to the requirements of the self-publishing company.
  2. Choose a Self-Publishing Platform: Research the platform to determine which one best suits your needs in terms of pricing, distribution options, and royalties.
  3. Consult Self-Publishing Services: Inquire about specific services they provide that align with your needs and goals.
  4. Review and Publish: Review the finished product provided by the self-publishing platform. Once satisfied, approve and publish the book.
  5. Market Your Book: Actively market by utilizing social media platforms or be guided by the publishing company on marketing strategies and promotions.
  6. Engage with Audience: Pay attention to the reader’s feedback and build a relationship with them.

Here are four reasons why you should self-publish your book with 8Letters:

You are the captain of your literary ship.

You have total creative control to share your story. You can control every aspect of your work, from conception to distribution. Freed from the constraints of editorial committees and market trends, you have the liberty to explore niche genres, experiment with unconventional narratives, and amplify voices unheard of before. In 8Letters publishing, you are allowed to take risks and creatively embrace the freedom to tell your story in your own way.

You build your own brand.

In today’s digital age, authors are not just writers—they are brands. Self-publishing empowers you to cultivate your unique identity and interact directly with your readers through social media and author platforms. You can take charge and position yourself as an entrepreneurial author by establishing a brand that customers can trust and consistently provides value to them. The brand can also be a home for all the books you published and provide the space where you can actively evolve your brand to maintain relevancy and resonate with your target market.

Your book can reach audiences across the globe.

Self-publishing’s most compelling advantage is its ability to transcend geographical limitations. With the emergence of digital publishing platforms like Amazon, Gumroad, and Google Books, 8Letters ensures the accessibility of your books to a broader audience across the globe.

Self-publishing can open doors to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation that allows you to embrace your cultural authenticity and inclusivity while still resonating with diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

You become part of a meaningful community.

The journey of self-publishing is an ongoing process of learning. In the self-publishing community, you can gain valuable support, encouragement, and insights into navigating challenges and celebrating your publishing successes. You become a part of the 8Letters community, where you can foster deeper relationships and provide opportunities for collaboration, support, and collective success.

So, if you are ready to begin shaping your literary destiny, why not make self-publishing your next book adventure with 8Letters?

At 8Letters, we are passionate about helping you succeed.

To learn more about 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing and explore their services, visit or send us an email: [email protected].

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