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One of the many struggles of being a Filipino writer is the lack of platform. Most Filipino writers opt to share or post their works on websites or applications such as Wattpad and Ao3 in hopes of getting picked up by a publishing company. However, the majority of them were unfortunate, especially those who have lower readership since most publishing companies value sales and prefer to publish books with higher readership. Recently, however, big-name Filipino writers started to opt for hybrid publishing instead, with the help of publishing companies that offer other services that were previously only provided by traditional or self-publishing. These services include editing, formatting, printing, distribution, and many more. Hybrid publishing is a new publishing model, and it is the greatest tool for indie writers who wish to publish their own books.

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid publishing lies between traditional and self-publishing. It is similar to self-publishing in a way that the author is more in control of publishing decisions. With hybrid publishing, the author pays production costs to hybrid publishing companies and in return, these companies will deal with the production process. Authors are also given higher royalties than those of traditional publishing. Most publishing companies also offer marketing services, which is good, especially for indie writers who struggle to reach a wider audience. Similar to traditional publishing, hybrid publishing companies are equipped with professionals who assist writers in producing professional standard books. Hybrid publishing provides great opportunities for Filipino writers to achieve their writing goals and gain a higher chance of entering the mainstream. 

Why Publish with 8Letters?

8Letters is a publishing company that extends its expertise in order to help Filipino indie writers make their dreams of publishing a book a reality. It is a one-stop shop for exploring new books and supporting indie writers. Of course, 8Letters provides various services and offers extensive assistance to authors who wish to self-publish. Authors with no experience in self-publishing have nothing to worry about, as 8Letter’s team will extend their help along the process. Everything within the production process would require the author’s approval, so it is assured that authors are in control of the decisions made for their books. Aside from publishing assistance, 8Letters regularly conducts events promoting talented Filipino writers and providing platforms for them to grow. These events also allow the writers to meet with their readers and provide seminars to other aspiring Filipino writers.

Some of the services offered by 8Letters include the following:

  1. Manuscript Editing (Developmental Editing, Proofreading, and Copyediting)
  2. Book Formatting (Paperback and Ebook/Epub)
  3. Book Cover Illustration
  4. Book Promotions
  5. Book Printing
  6. Book Distribution
  7. ISBN Registration
  8. Copyright Certification
  9. Author’s Website Creation

8Letters also offers packages that authors can avail based on their needs. Depending on the package availed, authors can get the services listed above, and some packages also offer extended distribution to Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Some packages also include post-publishing support, complimentary copies, and bookmarks.

For more information, please visit www.8lettersbooks.com or send an email at [email protected]

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