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Discover The Enchanting Tale of Imelda and The Sword of Death

The literary world welcomes a fresh and enchanting tale, “Imelda and The Sword of Death,” written by the talented young author, Isla Margaux Dingal.

This captivating children’s fantasy book invites readers into a world of bravery, mythical creatures, and the enduring power of friendship.

When the powerful Sword of Death goes missing, a sword made to keep the ancient sea serpent Bakunawa away, the queen is furious. Imelda, the princess, overhears the queen talking to a castle guard about the missing sword. Imelda and her friend Maude, a village girl, set out on an arduous journey to retrieve the sword and save the kingdom. Along the way, they encounter many mythical creatures and new friends to help them on their quest. This story is about perseverance, courage, and love— you can achieve anything if you set your whole heart and mind on it.

Reflecting on her writing process, Isla said, My experience writing Imelda and the Sword of Death was fun, yet hard. There were days where I felt that I wouldn’t be able to finish the book, and that thinking of doing so was like chasing rainbows, but there were also days where I found writing fun and enjoyable, a place to spill out all my ideas and mold them into a story that might inspire others.

At its core, “Imelda and the Sword of Death” is a demonstration of the power of youthful creativity and determination. Her journey and Princess Imelda’s journey is an inspiring example for young readers and aspiring writers, proving that dreams can become reality with passion and perseverance.

Isla Margaux Dingal is a bright writer whose boundless imagination and storytelling prowess shine through each page. At just 11 years old, she has already captured the hearts of readers. So, don’t miss the chance to embark on this magical journey and support Isla who is sure to become a shining star in the literary world.

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