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Bestselling PH scifi novel Fate of a Distant Future joins JDLINO and Fully Booked

Waves of Accomplishments by Fate of a Distant Future

[Manila, 14/10/2023 — Fate of a Distant Future, a bestselling scifi novel by Renato Clarete Tranquilino, a promising new voice in the Philippine literary scene, has made waves at the 2023 Manila International Book Festival (MIBF), and has earned recognition in local and international markets.

The MIBF proved to be a pivotal moment for Fate of a Distant Future. Under the marketing and promotions machine of 8Letter Bookstore and Publishing, FOADF, as the book is fondly called,has quickly risen to prominence with record-breaking sales and an enthusiastic reception from readers and literary enthusiasts.

Accolades continue to pour in as FOADF caught the attention of the Manila Bulletin, one of the most respected publications in the Philippines. The Manila Bulletin has recognized the book as one of the top Philippine sci-fi novels, further solidifying its position as a must-read for fans of the genre and anyone seeking captivating storytelling.

To culminate this remarkable series of achievements, FOADF has been chosen to be part of Fullybooked, a renowned chain of bookstores known for curating the best and most exciting reads. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both the author, publishing house and the book, offering readers across the country the opportunity to experience the thrilling journey that its stories have to offer.

In response to these accomplishments, Tranquilino expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of readers who have embraced Fate of a Distant Future. These achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of 8Letters, my clothing sponsor JDLINO Brand, my readers and the literary community. I am deeply honored and excited to see my book find its place among the best at Fullybooked.”

Fate of a Distant Future will soon be available for purchase at Fullybooked stores and leading book retailers nationwide, as well as online platforms. To learn more about the book and Renato Clarete Tranquilino, please visit 8lettersbooks.com.

For media inquiries, author interviews, or review copies, please contact:
Ms. Cindy Wong
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Website: www.8letters.books.com

Mr. Renato Clarete Tranquilino Email:[email protected]
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About Fate of a Distant Future:
Fate of a Distant Future is a science fiction novel by Renato Clarete Tranquilino, known for its gripping narrative and imaginative storytelling. Set in the heart of the Philippines, it explores themes of destiny, technology, and the indomitable human spirit. The book has garnered critical acclaim and has quickly become a favorite among sci-fi enthusiasts.

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