New Poetry Collections Spark Hope and Inspiration

Poetry will always have a special place on the 8letters shelf, whether it is penned by a seasoned author or an ingenue. As the publishing team enters a new era in marketing and distribution, so does its authors, who choose to push boundaries and challenge themselves.

As the young and upcoming author Nathan B. Gumba says, if the heart is limited, then the art is limitless.

A product of the popular workshop and writing school “Where the Write Things Are”, and endorsed by its founding director—no other than book lover and columnist Neni Sta. Romana Cruz—Nathan enthuses that the idea for this book Art and Heart was born out of a family dinner table discussion.

“The more something lingers within your heart, the more art you can draw from it…I haven’t been on this earth for that long, but I’ve already come to realize that the words we speak are what the head wants to say. . .but the words we write are what the heart wants to shout,” he says.

His collection of poems, divided into chapters, showcases his natural talent for storytelling in verse, fusing his experiences and his imagination, mythology and the mundane. Each poem in the collection highlights Nathan’s gift for words, as well as his ability to create a world where science is a kindred soul to art. It is refreshing to see a college student with such propensity for passion, commitment, and adventure.

Sta. Romana agrees. “It is fascinating to see that even as he uses his poetry as mnemonic devices for college entrance tests, he manages not to lose his personal voice, his juvenile angsts.”

Meanwhile, beauty and lifestyle content writer Nicole Marie recently signed copies of her debut poetry and prose collection Soli Deo Gloria at the Manila International Book Fair.

The title alone speaks volumes about her testimony as a Christian.  Inspired by the books of Genesis and Matthew, her poems and stories celebrate the glory of God and seeks to touch readers especially in their darkest times, perfectly encapsulating a journey to abiding in God’s love and will.

True to her cottage core-loving spirit, each chapter in the book is named after a stage in a plant’s life: Hurting, Pruning, Healing, and Blooming—collectively describing what it means and feels to grow in faith.

Soli Deo Gloria

Nicole bravely shares to the community her impetus for writing Soli Deo Gloria.

“It’s inspired by my journey to having a revival in my faith. I wrote this book in four months, after surrendering to the Lord [following] a career failure,” she says.

The author also uses her book as an instrument to help and empower others by partnering with There is Hope Philippines. Proceeds from each sale goes to the non-profit organization, who aims to enhance community awareness of mental health conditions.

Both books are available at the 8letters website and its Shopee and Lazada pages.

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