8Letters Anthologies

We love discovering new talents and giving space to their creations. In 8Letters anthologies, newbie or seasoned writers are all welcome to submit their works. Whether you write in English or Filipino, depending on the theme, your story has a chance of being picked to be included in our book.

Here are some of the anthologies we have

New Beginnings

How does it feel to have a young heart – experiencing everything for the first time when spirits are wild and free?

In this collection of eleven short stories in English and Filipino, let us take you to the world of the young, where we experience falling in love despite the fear of rejection; living for and following our grandest dreams despite the small chance; going against the flow even when they say we can’t; fighting our battles even the we have to face it alone. Our inexperience, our shortcomings, our misgivings, our courage never comes short. There will always be hope. There will always be a new beginning.

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Out of This World

No matter who they are, no matter what they are, there will always be someone, somewhere, who will be there for you, always. Whether they are the ghosts of the people you’ve loved, a prince, a princess or a queen from a faraway kingdom, an angel and a demon who are more than willing to stay with you until the end of time, no matter what form they take, their love for you will always be the same. Perhaps, even more, their love will not compare to ordinary humans, for their love is out of this world.

Engkwentro: Tales of the Strange & Supernatural

There’s something special about Padua

Story 1: All Lisa wants is to get into Padua University. What she didn’t expect is fighting aswangs while trying not to fail her subjects.

Story 2: Amir, a Muslim, is conflicted with his attraction to Ashton because of his conservative upbringing. There’s another problem – Ashton is not what Amir thinks he is.

Story 3: Ria has a secret rendezvous with her best friend every dawn. But things are starting to get complicated when she realizes she is falling in love with Hiwaga, the kapre who is living in the Campus’ banyan tree.

Story 4: Tim has been hearing strange voices that led him to discover Michael’s secret. The two had a falling out two summers ago. When something sinister befalls Tim’s new best friend, they have to put it behind, and work together to fight evil.

Story 5: A tikbalang chooses Elora Caylao to be his bride. She has been given three months to prepare herself to join him in his world. How can she even prepare herself to be the wife of a creature she greatly fears?

Summer Dreams

Dreams can be tricky.

They can be beautiful where you can choose to sleep and continue the fantasy; or wake up and chase after them in the real world. They could be nightmares – the wicked ones that haunt you and keep you up all night, sometimes even when you are awake because it is the reality you wish you could wake up from but won’t.

Zodiac Chronicles: Gemini, Tales of Siblings

How can you far can you go for the sake of your brother? What sacrifices can you make for your sister? You can be separated through different circumstances, but there’s more to blood being thicker than water… follow our stories and find out just how strong and unbreakable this sibling bond is.

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